Do you want to know how to become a travel agent? Successful travel agents have several things in common. They are highly motivated, put a 110 percent into their clients and they are passionate about travel.

Our goal is to develop both the knowledge and skills you need to become a travel professional so that you can work as an employee or independent contractor with a Travel Leaders Group wholly owned, franchise or member-based agency. We work together with you to find the best fit for you.

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``The travel business is as robust as ever, and the Travel Leaders of Tomorrow program intends to infuse it with fresh energy and talent, which will continue to sustain it for years to come.``- Jackie Friedman, President of Nexion LLC
``The program helped me develop an invaluable support network of experienced industry professionals as well as peers; ensuring help is always available when needed. After completing the curriculum, I feel prepared to focus on growing my business with confidence.``- Annie L. (Participant 2014)
``As part of the Travel Leaders family of companies, Travel Leaders of Tomorrow offers participants the unique benefit of exposure to and networking with personal connections in all sectors of the industry during the program. I was able to attend a major industry conference, speak directly with suppliers and meet people working in all areas of the industry.``- Karen L. (Participant 2014)
``I feel so grateful that I've chosen Travel Leaders of Tomorrow as my vehicle to learn about the travel industry. I've seen firsthand that Travel Leader's connections are reputable and highly respected.``- Beth B. (Participant 2015)
``I was NOT expecting the outpouring of support, assistance and camaraderie that I felt in each class and continue to feel after the program ended. The people connections are what make this program special, you can’t find this in any other “off the shelf” online school.``- Ashley M (Participant 2015)
“The weekly meetings were a huge part of learning...the interaction made the program feel more real! AWESOME!!”- Sandy N. (Participant 2016)

The Travel Leaders of Tomorrow is a program designed to attract and train new travel agents to ideally place in Travel Leaders Group wholly-owned, franchised or member based agencies. With this goal in mind your application is reviewed by the Travel Leaders of Tomorrow Program Director or coordinator.

Completion of the program does not guarantee job placement, but it is our intent to assist in placing as many qualified participants as possible.

There is no cost to submit your application.


Travel Leaders of Tomorrow is partnered with 15 well known travel companies. Our travel partners provide us with amazing support including access to their training content and Guest Faculty webinars designed with the new travel professional in mind.