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The Virtual Campus: The best way to do online travel school

The Virtual Campus: The best way to do online travel school

For many people, their love of travel is a true passion – and more and more individuals are realizing that they can turn that passion for travel into a successful career.  However, starting a new career (and potentially owning your own business) can be both exhilarating and daunting, and it’s perfectly normal to wonder how on earth you’ll be able to pull it off. That’s where Travel Leaders of Tomorrow comes in…

Travel Leaders of Tomorrow was created to meet a couple of key needs: 1) people interested in becoming a professional travel agent didn’t know how to get their dream off the ground, and 2) help train new talent because the travel industry needs more travel agents.

Our “Virtual Campus” is the flagship curriculum of this educational program, and it does exactly what the name suggests: provides you with a great combination of learning opportunities and training where you want, when you want, and while being able to access expert instruction and help. (No 8:00 a.m. lecture halls here, unless that fits with what you want.)

Travel Leaders of Tomorrow’s Virtual Campus includes individual self-study, writing assignments, webinars, and interactive eLearns. Plus every Virtual Campus participant is part of a study cohort (or study group).  This group “meets” weekly with the instructor to review concepts from your studies and discuss ideas for your future travel career and business. Participants have agreed that these cohorts are one of the most valuable parts of the Travel Leaders of Tomorrow program, since attendees get a head start on making professional connections, and receive regular help from experienced instructors.

In addition, guest faculty from top travel industry suppliers present live virtual lectures (that are also recorded) on their areas of expertise—everything from selling group travel to the best ways to reach target customers.

“We want to provide the travel industry with the best new talent, and Travel Leaders of Tomorrow’s Virtual Campus does that,” said Heather Kindred, Program Director for Travel Leaders of Tomorrow. “It’s not only about the crucial coursework, it’s about discussions and brainstorming with your peers, and access to experienced instructors.”

Kindred added, “If you’re interested in becoming a professional travel agent, we want to hear from you. Helping to make you a successful travel professional, and launch your own business if you choose, is what Travel Leaders of Tomorrow does best.”

If you are seeking top-level curriculum, coaching by instructors, and a cohort to support you as you learn, fill out our online application and we will set up an interview. We can’t wait for you to join our Virtual Campus!